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China Cleantech 2015

The China CleanTech Index outperformed all of its four benchmarks for the last quarter of 2015 and for the full year. In December 2015, it recorded a gain of 1.6%, over 4Q15 it gained 18.8% and over the full year of 2015 it gained 11.1%.

The twelve month gain is being driven by the China Storage Index (+117.5%), including strong gains by Tianqi Lithium and the China Efficiency Index (+47.1%).

All of the eight sub-indices recorded gains for the quarter. The best results were the 79.3% gain for the China Storage Index and the 44.3% gain for the China Efficiency Index. The worst results were recorded by the 0.9% gain from the China Hydro Index and 13.3% gain from the China Wind Index.

The market capitalisation of the 162 stocks in the China CleanTech Index is RMB 2.1 trillion (US$324 billion).

China & Environment Provides Strong Investment Thesis

The combined investment themes of China and environment provide a compelling case for investment. The sector remains volatile as it matures and reacts to environmental and industry development policy shifts. The quality and scale of the companies included in the sector varies widely and strong research into both sub-sectors and companies is essential before committing to the sector. However, the cleantech sector in China presents a very strong medium term investment thesis and the China CleanTech Index provides the first level of data to enable informed investment decisions to be made.

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