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Toronto based dynaCert is engaged in the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, distribution and installation of a transportable hydrogen generator aftermarket product, originally targeted for use in the heavy tractor trailer industry and now expanding into large stationary power generation, with potential for application in the shipping and rail fuel industries.

The system is a patent pending retrofit product that provides performance enhancements by injecting hydrogen and oxygen into an engine’s air intake manifold resulting in greater fuel efficiency and reduced fuel emissions. The technology delivers carbon emission reductions  of 20 to 30 percent from internal combustion engines.

In the past year, dynaCERT has established expanded manufacturing and assembling facilities and has commenced manufacturing of the HydraGen. Preliminary marketing and testing resulted in expressions of interest from several unit purchasers. However, less than optimal cash flows and several delivery problems from manufacturing suppliers impeded the ability of the company to assemble units in a timely basis for distribution.

It would appear the company has now passed that roadblock.

Since receiving a purchase order in May 2015 for fifty HydraGen units, the company has been focused on manufacturing. Production of the units is virtually completed.

In addition, rigorous testing for adaptation to other internal combustion technology is underway. In the last quarter of 2015, dynaCERT installed a unit on both a light truck and 2.0 L turbo diesel import sedan for in-house testing.

The company is now preparing to deliver its first commercial installation of a total of 100 HydraGen units in the first quarter of 2016.

Over the past year dynaCert has initiated ongoing programs within North America and abroad to further test and validate this technology and has aligned itself with companies globally to introduce and market the HydraGen product.

This year, dynaCERT has been running validation/field testing on trucks and continued to work on refining and enhancing its HydraGen product through its partnerships, extensive testing, and customer feedback. During the summer of this 2015, dynaCERT initiated a plan to collect base line and computerized real time data on trucks with “data loggers” to accommodate the final design and algorithms for the new Hydragen Electronic Control Unit “H-ECU.”

There is currently an ongoing validation process that includes several larger trucking companies. In addition to the diesel truck engine retrofit program, dynaCert is installing a unit on a 750 hp diesel electrical generator.