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GE Renewable Energy has introduced five new software applications which it says will improve the profitability and annual energy production of wind farms.

The apps include Energy Forecasting for business strategy optimization, Wind PowerUp Services and Digital Plan of the Day to streamline site operations, and Diagnostics & Prognostics for turbine-level asset performance management.

The applications suite for GE's Digital Wind Farm ecosystem, offered as part of the company's flexible service agreements, are compatible with its new 2MW and 3MW wind turbines.

The programs are built on the Predix software platform and include its specialized cyber security protection for operational technology.

GE onshore wind business president & CEO Anne McEntee said: "The Digital Wind Farm is changing the future of our industry.

"We are actively working with our customers to develop new software technology applications that generate more production, better availability and ultimately higher profit across the lifecycle of a wind farm."

The Energy Forecasting app utilizes weather forecasting data to give an accurate financial modelling and better predictions for the next day's grid supply and demand fluctuations.

Digital Plan of the Day is a scheduling application that enhances operations and maintenance efficiency for field service teams. Wind PowerUp Services platform has the capacity to increase a wind farm's annual energy production by about 10%.

The Diagnostics app utilizes operating data for advanced anomaly detection analysis, which will be incorporated into a detailed case management and recommendation system.

The Prognostics app uses operating, maintenance and inspection data to project future operating conditions and estimate turbine component reliability.