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On Tuesday, Crowd Valley Inc. announced it has teamed up with Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) to work together in a certified partner program. This partnership is aiming to bring digital finance applications to cleantech worldwide.

Crowd Valley’s digital back office is a centralized online application with built-in tools needed for client side investing or lending applications. Workflow tools include origination and investor on boarding tools, related support functions such as compliance, audit logs, access rights managements, deal rooms, analytics and built-in third party functions such as payments, market data, credit data, risk modeling tools, escrow, custodian solutions.

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), based in Zurich, Switzerland, furthers regional economic development through its 50 cluster members representing 10,000 companies. The services provided benefit cluster member companies and cluster managers, including access to capital, corporates, markets to drive global technology development, knowledge and meta-cluster insights in cleantech. 

Co-founder and Chairman of the GCCA, Christian Haeuselmann, stated, “We see a tremendous opportunity for leveraging new fintech models to empower the cleantech sector and stakeholder groups. By leveraging the digital back office and APIs that Crowd Valley has established in the digital finance market, cleantech innovation can gain access to new finance models that provide a more transparent, efficient and direct method of investing in cleantech innovation. Crowd Valley’s pioneering services and leadership in the field ideally complement GCCA’s strategic partnership with the P80 Group, bringing together the largest pension and sovereign funds worldwide looking to increase their low carbon investments.”

Crowd Valley CEO Markus Lampinen added. “Environmental finance, cleantech and infrastructure investments are a core of our collective development targets and as such they should leverage the most up to date financing models. Unfortunately often even within billion dollar projects, existing finance back offices are outdated for the needs of future innovations. We are proud to be able to offer digital back office functions and tools in pioneering sectors and markets such as cleantech.”