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Vatic Ventures Thai Potash a Key Regional Resource Play

Vatic Ventures gives investors the opportunity to participate in meeting the sustainable food and nutrition needs of the Asian market—a critical initiative being driven by public policy, market demand, and private initiatives. If Vatic succeeds in its exploration and development program, the company could become one of Asia’s principle suppliers of potash, an essential component in agricultural fertilizer.

While in ample supply globally, potash needs in much of Asia can only be met by imports—mainly from Canada and Russia. A dependable Asian supply will save buyers some $60 per ton. Potash currently sells for about $225 per ton.

Vatic has acquired an almost unique position for a western company, with a highly prospective potash property in Thailand. That property could eventually provide significant volumes of potash to the Asian market, help stabilize the region’s food supply, and reward investors in the process. Vatic has already located drill targets on the property, and is preparing to get a drill program underway.

Typical of mining exploration and development companies at this stage, Vatic’s share price remains low. That means savvy investors who get in the game now, could earn an exceptional return.


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